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Caoimhe Mae Elliot

J & D School of Dance

Scottish Ballet Junior Associate


My name is Caoimhe Mae Elliott.

FS: Why were you interested in becoming a Freda Silk Ambassador?


CE: I love Freda Silk Skirts, when I had a photoshoot to create pictures in my first tutu I knew I had to have my very own Freda Silk Skirt, I was so excited to wear it on my shoot, we captured incredible images, I loved wearing it, and still wear my skirts to rehearsals, I love how they flow and feel so soft.


Where were you born and raised?


I was born in Paisley and raised in Johnstone.


Do you recall when or how you caught the dance bug?


I remember dancing ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a dancer just like my older sister who also shares a passion for dance.

How many dance classes do you take each week?

I currently take 4 classes a week and participate in various masterclasses.

What different styles of dance do you learn? Do you have a favourite style?


Ballet, Modern, Acro, Freestyle, Tap. I have also done Highland dance and Musical theatre. But most of all my favourite is ballet.

Do you enjoy choreographing, or prefer to perform other people’s steps?


I enjoy as mix of both, I love getting together with my friends and pulling ideas together.

Allego or Adage– which is your favourite? 



If you could adapt any book or movie into a ballet, what would it be?

If I could adapt any movie, it would be Tangled as its one of my favourites.

What is your dream ballet role?

My dream dance role would be playing the role of Clara in the Nutcracker

Who are your idols?


I love all ballerinas, but my two favourites would be Constance Devernay Laurence and Bethany Kingsley Garner. I have been so lucky and got to perform with them both in Scottish Ballet's The Snow Queen and now the amazing production of Scottish Ballet's Cinders.

Are there some achievements of which you're really proud?

I am proud to be a part of Scottish Ballet Junior Associates programme and having been selected twice to perform in their Christmas productions, The Snow Queen in 2023 and currently performing in Cinders.


I am also proud to have gotten through to this years Ballet Grand Prix in February

What was the last dance performance you went to see?

Cinders - the last performance I have took part in would be Scottish Ballet's production of Cinders.


Do you have some essential / favourite things that you keep in your dance bag?

Yes, I like to keep lip balm, extra pins, water bottle, TheraBand’s for stretching and my Good Luck bear which comes everywhere with me.

What do you do in your spare time?

I Love listening to music, I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. (so am I!!)

Love Caoimhe

Follow Caoimhe on Instagram @caoimhe0213

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