A fantastic sustainable addition to the SAB skirts, Oyster is an unusual colour - it can be described as a grey with a touch of pink, or beige with a touch of lilac... however you see it, it's a gorgeous, curious colour.


The eco fabric is quite structured so I've adapted the shape a little - it's a straighter cut, rather than the taper of the original SABs. There is less flow, although the fabric does still have a nice 

drape and moves beautifully. The slimline cut gives a sleek look.


It's hard to find dancewear fabric that supports eco-friendly production, so Jessica and I are delighted to include this sustainable techo-fabric made with ECONYL® - an 100% regenerated nylon fibre.


ECONYL® fiber is made of pre and post-consumer waste (nylon scraps / fishnets and carpet fluff). Needless to say, the fabric is more expensive, hence the higher sale price. But if you want to do your bit for the environment, this is the skirt for you.


Here are the approximate lengths according to waist sizes (excuse mixed cms and inches!!) Or let me know your preferred length. 


Waist 20-23" = Front 22cm | Back 27cm 

Waist 24-27" = Front 28cm | Back 34cm 

Wasit 28-30" - Front 30cm | Back 37cm

Waist 30-34" = Front 32cm | Back 39cm


Serena McCall

Photography by Magda Hoffman

Eco SAB Oyster

Waist size