Jaipur is a really beautiful flowy lycra, with lovely tones of pink and blue - named after the amazing coloured cities in India. 


Having made it in the slim cut, it was crying out to be made into a Swishy style - the full circle cut which flies out in a pirhouette. 


Perfect if you like your skirt short: very short at the sides, a little longer at the front and longest at the back: a cut which really lengthens the leg line. Elastic waistband.


Choose your waist size in the drop down.

Here are the approximate lengths according to waist sizes (excuse mixed cms and inches!!)


Waist 20-23" = Front 21.5cm | Back 24.5cm | Side 17cm

Waist 24-26" = Front 26.5cm | Back 30cm | Side 20cm

Wasit 27-30" - Front 32cm | Back 37cm | Side 26cm

Waist 30-34" = Front 34cm | Back 40cm | Side 28cm

Jaipur Swish SAB

Waist size