The Petal Aretha skirts are made from an extremely soft chiffon which has the most beautifull undulating effect in movement. Inspired by the "Flower Fairies" books by Cicily Mary Barker - a fairy for each flower drawn with the most exquisite detail and charm - this skirt aims to capture the beauty and charachter of a petal.


As with the regular Arethas, you can chosse lenghth, and one, one and a half or double circle fullness.


Available in rose, white (pictured in single circle fullness), crimson (pictured in single circle fullness wrap around tie style) and black.


Waistbands are soft elastic, in a matching colour if possible depending upon the fabric, otherwise black or white. Since these are really special and custom orders, I will be in touch to go through waistband colours and options with you.


Frankie, Izzy, Paulien and Ella photographed by Jon Raffoul


Petal Aretha full length skirt