Jessica is wearing Lemon


Cream, Tea Rose, Sand, Mocha, Conker & Dark Brown

White, silvery grey, steel grey and black

Lemon yellow, pale blue, red, navy blue, indigo, jade, strawberry milkshake, watermelon sugar



(Tea Rose and Coco Blush temporarily out of stock)


There is a slight different in the fabrics where some are a matt finish, others silk (althought not shiny)


Matt: white, black, cream, indigo, red, ginger, watermelon sugar, mocha, conker, dark brown, graphite grey, pale blue, jade, strawberry milkshake

Silk: tea rose, lemon yellow, teal, navy blue, silver grey


If there's a colour you'd like that you don't see, just let us know.


The slimline cut of this SAB skirt gives you a sleeker look. There is a subtle taper in the shape to give a little flow, but essentially this shape is more fitted than the fuller SAB skirts.

Here are the approximate lengths according to waist sizes (excuse mixed cms and inches!!) Or let me know your preferred length. 


Waist 20-23" = Front 22cm | Back 27cm 

Waist 24-27" = Front 28cm | Back 34cm 

Wasit 28-30" - Front 30cm | Back 37cm

Waist 30-34" = Front 32cm | Back 39cm


Photograph of Jessica Templeton by Harpenden Studios (lemon) and Ella Jones by Jon Raffoul

SAB Slimline

Waist size