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About FredaSilk

A love of dance, particularly the elegance of ballet, led to the launch of Freda Silk. The initial collection of simple ballet wrap skirts has expanded to include rehearsal skirts, bespoke commissions, and some new shapes for other forms of dance, including jazz and pole.


Freda Silk skirts are made from chiffon, cationic chiffon, georgette and silk, and are designed on the principal that dance skirts need to flow, to drape and - like a dancer - to fly. The SAB skirt collection is constantly evolving and now includes some sustainable fabric, and I've introduced a range of dance dresses.

I'm absolutely delighted to make dance skirts for students, professionals, adult ballet dancers, dance schools and photographers throughout the world. Yet Freda Silk remains a 'cottage industry' run from my home in Bath, Somerset.

I'm inspired by a love of creating beautiful things and of seeking out unusual fabric. With a constant eye open for potential materials and interesting ways to put them to use, ideas are always evolving.

I don't have a background in sewing; I've picked it up as I've gone along and every day I learn something new. But I've always loved dance performance, lucky enough to be taken to see lots of live ballet and contemporary dance by my parents when I was a child. Moving to London for university, I took advantage of all the cheap student tickets and absorbed all the amazing performances on offer.


My first job was assisting the Orchestra Manager for Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet (now Birmingham Royal Ballet). Typing out letters on the SWRB headed paper was oddly thrilling... But if you love ballet you'll know why!

I moved to the Royal Opera House when the company relocated to Birmingham as the orchestra remained at Covent Garden, and helped with the London ballet office. I think our modest, slightly ramshackle office has now been transformed into part the Royal Ballet Upper School. 

I went on to be a PR manager in classical music, and visits to Covent Garden were then to watch the international opera singers and conductors I was promoting.

Now based back in my childhood home of Bath with my family, alongside Freda Silk I work as Production Manager for the wonderful Real World Records. Keeps me busy!

Freda Silk was my granny. I always thought her name made her sound like a lingerie designer, hence my adopting it here. Thank you Granny Freda xx

And thank you for looking at the site

x Sophie

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