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Freda Silk ballet skirts come in various shapes and sizes to suit all.

Each one is individually cut out and hand sewn, so there will be slight variations in size.

The measurements below should give you a starting point in choosing the best size for you.

If you would like something custom made that isn't already covered, this is entirely possible - just ask!

WRAP SKIRT SIZING illustrated below

The wrap skirts taper elegantly at the back. The length at the front will depend on how you like to wear your skirt and how much crossover you prefer.

The sizes below are based on about a 30cm crossover, so if you prefer more of a crossover, go for a larger size.  


The satin waist elastic ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

There are six length variations and three waist sizes, plus a mini/teen short skirt, and a child size



fabric measurement around waist (excluding ties) 81cm approx, length 29cm

mini  | UK 4-6 & Teen

fabric measurement around waist (excluding ties) 90cm approx

small  | UK 6-10

fabric measurement around waist (excluding ties) 100cm approx

medium | UK 10 - 12

fabric measurement around waist (excluding ties) 120cm approx

large | UK 14 - 16

fabric measurement around waist (excluding ties) 140cm approx


Short - sits just below the bottom, with a slight flare

mini | front 28cm | back 33cm

 small | front 32cm | back 36cm

medium | front 32cm | back 38cm

large | front 34cm | back 40cm

Classic - sits mid thigh at the front, a little longer at the back

small | front 34cm | back 42cm

medium | front 36cm | back 46cm

large | front 36cm | back 46cm

Long - knee length

all sizes | 47cm front | 60cm back

Extra Long 

all sizes | front 60cm | back 75/80cm 

Hi Lo A-Line

All sizes mid thigh front - 38cm approx - and a longer back 68cm approx. 

A straighter cut than the Waterfall whilst retaining some elegant drape.

Hi Lo Waterfall

All sizes mid thigh - 38cm approx - and relatively flat at the front with a

draping waterfall back to a length of 65cm approx.


A beautiful full circle style, 60cm length approx all round, with soft elasticated waistband in a choice of

colours and finishes. For a longer length you can choose the Etta skirt.



I use various lightweight chiffon, georgette and crepe for the wrap and rehearsal skirts.

Where possible I will source deadstock and end of line fabric which would otherwise be thrown away.

SAB skirts are made using nylon, lycra/spandex, sustainable regenerated nylon and power mesh.

The tulle is extremely soft and floaty. 

Waistbands are made from satin foldover elastic or a high quality waistband elastic.

Hems are overlocked. Full details are in the individual descriptions.

Freda Silk skirts are best carefully washed by hand or in a delicate machine wash, then a cool iron if needed.

If you find your chiffon skirts attracts static, then using a fabric conditioner really helps. 

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