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Freda Silk Style

An essential piece in the ballet dancer's wardrobe, I've tried to develop the range and design styles to suit all dancers.​

The original Freda Silk SAB skirt was the full cut Swish, soon followed by the Slim cut which was then becoming popular but wasn't generally made in the UK.​

The Relaxed is a shorter cut, similar to the lovely American brands of SAB. This works if your body shape is "short waisted" or you just like a more hipster style.​

Some dancers like a longer cut and that's the great thing about handmade to order.

Or check out the Freda Silk SAB style guide below

Jess T2693.jpeg

The Encore

One colour not enough?

Try an Encore - the reversible two colour Swish SAB

Jess T2684.jpeg

"nude" SAB skirts for a range of skin tones

Zaina Photography by Karolina Webb Photography

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