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Antoinette is a professional dancer representing Freda Silk in Europe.



Antoinette Pylarinu is a French dancer raised in Berlin. She is a beautiful dancer and represents the Freda Silk brand over in continental Europe. ~♡~ Currently she is a member of the Austrian Ballet Company and based in Vienna.


~♡~”At the age of 5 I saw my first ballet performance. It was ‘Swan Lake' with Vladimir Malakhov. This ballet was so mesmerizing for me and from that moment on, I realized I want to be a dancer."

Her mother, a ballet teacher and actress, brought her to do her first lesson. Antoinette was always walking on her toes. She immediately loved ballet and always imagined herself dancing on pointe shoes.

At the age of 9 she took exams for the entrance at the Ballet Academy Berlin and she was successfully accepted for the 8 years ballet education based in the Vaganova Method. Her teachers noticed her potential and devotion to ballet. Antoinette's training never stopped after her academic program, at home she was working as hard as in class to achieve her goal. Dedication to hard work!

After graduation Antoinette received a scholarship from the German & International Art Educational Institute for the Hungarian Dance Academy for studies in artistic and technical stage experience.

~♡~  In 2014 she danced the role of Kitri at the 68th Dubrovnik Summer Festival and received positive reviews from the Slovenian Press ‘Paradaplesa' for her artistic expression. “Kitri is considered my favourite ballet role.”


In 2016 Antoinette received 1st price and gold medal at the International Ballet Competition Nürnberg in Germany. The same year, she received gold medal at the International Contemporary Championship in the American College in Montpelier in France. She was finalist at the International Baltic Ballet Competition in Riga, Latvia in 2016 and in 2017 a finalist in Tanzolymp Berlin as soloist.

She was engaged with the Ballet Company in Potsdam in Germany, the Croatian National Theater and the Szegedi Kortács Balett Company in Hungary. Antoinette enjoys dancing Contemporary pieces as well. Choreographers like Pina Bausch and Nacho Duato made her love modern, contemporary and neoclassical dance as well.

In addition to her Ballet education, Antoinette has studied Music Theory and Piano.

~♡~Personal Life

Antoinette enjoys her free time by playing the piano. It calms her after a difficult stressful day.

This part is considered her relaxing part of the day.

 She is a dog lover and always takes her dog long walks.

~♡~Fashion in Ballet

"There is always a reason to feel fashionable when you are training/dancing. That was my main interest in becoming an ambassador for Freda Silk“

"Ballet fashion gives a special confidence to each dancer“

"The right skirt  completes every ballerina‘s outfit!“😉

Dance for me is Harmony, Passion & Expression

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