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Izzy immediately stood out for me when I saw a picture of her wearing a full length black skirt and black leotard, photographed in profile by Jon Raffoul. She looks so statuesque, so elegant, with a real presence. 


Photography by Jon Raffoul

Izzy Pitt


Tring Park School

My name is Izabelle Pitt, I like to be called Izzy for short.  I've bern lucky enough to become part of the Freda Silk’s team. Currently I go to school at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts where I gained a scholarship to train on the dance course full time. Because I live some distance away from Tring I also board at the school. I love training in all dance style but my absolute favourite genre is ballet. 

I hope one day to be able to continue my ballet training in Russia, that is my dream. 


When I received my first Freda Silk skirt as a surprise it meant the world to me, it was just utterly beautiful and it made me feel so special when I wafted it around in my photoshoot. After having this skirt I of course wanted the whole website!


I was born in Hereford but raised in Wombourne a small village in South Staffordshire. When I was two years old I attended my first ballet lesson for a fun hobby at weekends. When I was about five I changed to a different dance school, a more serious one as I was always spinning and turning so my mom thought it would be good for me. At this dance school my teacher helped me find my love for ballet and dance, I decided at age nine I wanted to take it alot futher and for it to become my future career. 


My dance idols are: Maria Khoreva and Misty Copeland as whenever I watch them in awe, I always find something new that I can improve on in my ballet. As I grow older my dream is to become part of Mariinsky Theatre in Russia playing the part of either Giselle or Juliet.


I  find keeping me motivated between school and dancing is quite an easy task as I go to a vocational school and have a very well organised timetable. I usually combine my evening with training after dinner and homework/ prep later on. I usually balance it out quite well and manage to keep on top of everything that I need to do. I always like to prepare for the next day the night before. 


I consider myself a precise, strong, technical dancer, I am always looking for things to improve on and I always happy with criticism so I can improve. I also love to get my heart rate going in bit of cardio too!


As a dancer I love modelling dancewear, I always get super excited when I receive any in the post. Dancewear is my normal everyday clothing 


On photoshoots I find it so much fun pulling tricks and moves out the bag in front of the camera. I am also lucky enough to be a JRP ambassador, so without a doubt Jon Raffoul Photography is my all time favourite photographer. I feel Jon always manages to bring out the best in me on a photoshoot ...and wearing a Freda silk skirt at photoshoots always makes me feel so special and make a huge beautiful impact on the look of the photos. 


I only keep what I need in my dance bag and I always keep it clean and tidy, although I do always carry my lucky little gnome in my bag. I was given this as a gift before an audition and I've always felt its brought me good luck. 


I try to use my social media platform to show it's perfectly ok to just be you, and that you don't need to change to just fit in. You should always follow your own head and heart and be exactly who you want to be. 


When I do have time off from school and dance I love spending time with my family, my mom, dad and my little sister. I enjoy family meals out and silly family conversations at the table. I also love shopping and I find reading a book so relaxing. 

Follow Izzy @izzypitt07

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