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Isabela Coracy   Ballet Black, London

Isabela Coracy is currently a member of one of the most exciting ballet companies in the UK and one of my favourites. I had the pleasure seeing Isabela dance in 2018 - and hope to again soon - and I'm so honoured that she is now a Freda Silk brand ambassador and FredaBela new dancewear designer, in collaboration with Fredasilk.    Isabela is a professional ballet dancer born in Brazil, she started dance at the age of 7 and trained and graduated in Brazil at the Centro De Dança Rio.    She was featured in the documentary, Only When I Dance, directed by Beaide Finzi, in 2009.    Isabela moved to London in the end of 2013 and joined Ballet Black company, where she is currently working as a senior artist.    In 2019 she was cover and Dancer of the month for the Dance Times magazine!   Isabela has been sharing her dance experiences, teaching neoclassical ballet classes and she is a Ballet Be Fit instructor. 

I have so many questions for Isabela! Here are just a few for starters.....

FS: Do you remember when you first knew you wanted to dance?

IC: Yes, it was when my first ballet teacher at the professional Ballet School in Brazil, she said, Isabela, you have everything to be brilliant bailarina !


Was it difficult to study and practice ballet growing up in Rio de Janeiro? 

To be a ballet student in Rio is something out of this world, but at the same time for me it's been a battle every day do to my art.


Your story is told in the beautiful film “Only When I Dance”. How old were you when that was made?

I was 17 years old .


How were you (and Irlan Santos) picked to be in the film?

The documentary was supposed to be only with Irlan but they decided to do it with both of us. It was a big moment in life for both of us and a chance for a better and nice career. Being a dancer, it's not easy and was nice to bring all the reality in the movie!


Are you and Irlan still close friends?

Yes, we are very close friends, he is like a brother for me!


The support of your family came across really strongly in the film. Can you tell me a bit about them?

My family is very important for me but they never saw me dance in London, only in Brazil. It's my dream to have one of them in the audience and in this big beautiful city.


Do you get to go home to Brazil often? 

I always go to Brazil on the summer holidays!


Do you think of London as home now, or will that always be Brazil?

Brazil is my home and a unique country but London starts felling like home. I love London!


Being a professional dancer has taken you all over the world. What is your favourite city so far?

So far my favourite city was a trip to Israel - Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


Who are your favourite choreographers to watch?

George Balanchine, Wayne McGregor, William Forsythe


Who is your ballet idol?

My inspiration dancer is Marianela Nunez!


You are a member of Ballet Black now. What has been your favourite role to dance with the company?

Of course my favourite role has been Puck! Every ballet I have danced with Ballet Black has been a important role for me because every dancer is different and unique and even when we are all together on stage, it's so nice to see this individuality.


I loved watching you as Puck - did you enjoy performing a cheeky, humorous role?

Yes, 1000% enjoyed being Puck !


What sort of a dancer are you? 

Technically strong and athletic, and passionate of how powerful I can be!


Do you like other forms of dance as well as ballet? 

I do love! I graduated as a professional ballet dancer not just in classical ballet, I learned all the forms of dance. I do miss dancing Jazz musical and tap dance!


Do you have some essential / favourite things that you keep in your dance bag?

Two pairs of pointe shoes, one for class and one for rehearsal, one pair of  soft shoes, two options of Freda Silk skirts to match with my outfit of the day, deodorant to keep fresh all day, my phone charger, leg warmers, water bottle.


Which song / piece of music will always get you on the dance floor?

Whitney Houston "It's not alright but it’s ok"


What is your favourite album at the moment?

Justin Timberlake "The 20/20 Experience"


How do you like to relax?

I like traveling and exploring the new cities and countries in a good company of course, and relax!


What is next for you in 2019?

The Future is unexpectedly exciting.

Follow Isabela on Instagram @coracyando

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