Kiera Wong

Seymour Dance Vancouver, Canada

Photo by Eri A (meandbc)

Kiera is full of ideas and energy; I'm so glad to have her as an ambassador in Canada.

I love seeing Kiera's photos - the scenery is just stunning and she's a beautiful dancer and model.

Hi! I’m Kiera! I’m 14 years old and currently train at my local dance school here in Vancouver, Canada! Life in the big city is always busy and there’s always something to do. For me, it’s constantly rushing to and from school and dance.


FS: Why were you interested in becoming a Freda Silk Ambassador?


KW: Here in Vancouver, Canada, there aren’t many companies that make dance skirts. Besides the large world known dancewear brands, there isn’t much for beautiful handmade dancewear. The moment I saw the elegant drape of the Freda Silk skirts and the beautiful variety they offer, I knew it was a brand that deserved to be world known. I hope to share the brand here in Canada in hopes that dancers here will get to experience the beauty of Freda Silk skirts.


Do you remember when you started dancing?


I can’t remember for certain but I know I started at the age of 3 in a mommy and me baby ballet class. I never thought much about it or joined a real dance school until the age of 7 after seeing a local dance school perform The Nutcracker. I then asked my mom if I could join ballet and instantly fell in love with it!


What in your opinion is the coolest part about ballet?


That’s hard. There are soooo many things to choose from and to have to pin point one thing is very hard! I’d have to say that the coolest thing about ballet is getting to dance on pointe! No other style of dance allows you to dance on the tips of your toes and experience the magical world of pointe!


What is the name of your dance school and how many classes do you take per week?


Like I mentioned earlier, I dance at my local dance school Seymour Dance where I dance ballet full time. I’m currently taking Grade 8 RAD, Intermediate RAD and Pointe class!


Do you just concentrate on ballet or do you do other styles of dance?


I am a full time ballet dancer!


Are the clothes you wear when you dance important to how you feel?


They definitely are! Dancers such as myself are always looking for the lightest weight and most elegant dancewear available! Freda Silk skirts are a perfect example!


What is your favourite ballet of all time?


Definitely The Nutcracker! It’s what started my interest in ballet and it’s something I participate in every year!


Do you have some essential ballet things you keep in your ballet bag at all times?


I always keep with me my pointe shoes as they are my prized possession as well as my beautiful @ballet.bun.blooms bunwrap!


Who is your ballet idol?


I have to give a shoutout to Miko Fogarty! I saw her in the First Position movie and she definitely motivates me to always try my best! I also really look up to older and more experienced dancers I dance with such as @tessbrowninggg a beautiful dancer and friend!


Do you do any other sports besides ballet? 


I used to play soccer, field hockey and school basketball but had to drop them this year as there isn’t any extra time with dance.

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