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Lucy Coleborn​

Royal Ballet School, London

I'm delighted to have Lucy as an ambassador - the first from my hometown of Bath, Somerset. I was really moved when I saw Lucy dancing in a film she made with her brother @alexandercoleborn in appreciation of the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis. Really beautiful. I'm really looking forward to working more with Lucy.


Lucy is currently training at the Royal Ballet Upper School. Prior to that trained at the Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance in Bath and with The Royal Ballet and  the Elmhurst Senior Associate programme on the weekends. She was also a member of the Seek Dance Company and The Bristol Russian Ballet Company.


I was interested in becoming an ambassador as soon as I saw their skirts. They are so comfortable and have a beautiful shape which makes them very flattering. I absolutely loved how Freda Silk have incorporated an eco selection and uses a beautiful range of fabrics and styles. I’m so excited to join the team!


Where were you born and raised?


I was born in Bath. It’s a beautiful, elegant city, famous for its Georgian architecture.


Do you recall when or how you caught the dance bug? 

I am 4th in line of a family run dance school which is 100 years old. I have been dancing as long as I can remember, however I realized I wanted to dance professionally when I was 12 years old. Seeing amazing dancers in class and in shows made me determined to be better.

How many classes a week to you take (normally, before lockdown!)

I danced every day of the week for 18 hours, and now (lockdown) I’m doing around 23 per week. 

What different styles of dance do you learn? Do you have a favourite style?

I train in ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, lyrical, commercial/hip hop. But my favourite style  is ballet and lyrical contemporary.

Do you learn/enjoy choreographing, or prefer to perform other people’s steps?


I love taking other people’s classes because there is so much room to grow but I have always loved choreographing my own movement because I feel it’s a great way to express myself and convey a story to other people. 


You are a Senior Associate with Elmhurst and Royal Ballet. Can you explain what that means?


I train with the Elmhurst Associates followed by Birmingham Royal Ballet Senior Associate program on a Saturday. I travel to Birmingham and I’m taught by Royal Ballet teachers. It is lovely to train with other students with the same ambition.


Allegro or adage – which is your favourite?


I love both, but my preference is adage because I really like working on my control. 


Do you have any achievements of which you are particularly proud?


I’m so excited that I won my category along with creativity award at the ICCA choreography competition. I had an amazing experience on BBC Taking The Next Step season 2 in 2017, and I’m lucky enough to have gained named roles in some screen movies.

For my Advanced Foundation Ballet exam I gained 97 marks which I am really proud to have achieved.


What was the last dance performance you went to see?

I went to see Manon at the Royal Opera House in London!


Do you find that putting on a costume or a beautiful flowing rehearsal skirt changes the way you feel? Is there a difference in the way you perform when in costume as opposed to studio wear?


Absolutely! A beautiful skirt or costume can always bring an extra spark to a piece and brings everything together. It can change a leotard into a more personal outfit by creating a mix of textures and colours by adding a skirt.


I’m not a dancer, but I love the elegance and grace of the clothes worn by ballet dancers. Do you take it for granted now, or do you get excited about a new ballet skirt, pointe shoes etc? 

I have always found some new dancewear helps me become motivated and inspired for class. I feel like wearing a beautiful costume or skirt makes me feel more confident in my dancing.

Do you have any other talents that might surprise people?


I love singing, acting and art.


Do you have some essential / favourite things that you keep in your dance bag?


I always carry my theraband for resistance training before class, my yoga mat and my Freda Silk water bottle to stay hydrated, along with my flats and pointe shoes and an SAB.


Which song / piece of music will always get you dancing – doesn’t have to be ballet related!


I love any of the pieces by the Cinematic Orchestra.


How do you like to relax?

I love spending time with friends and family, sewing, and cooking.

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