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Malebo Daisy Rose Brown
Dance School of Scotland​

I 'instagram' met Malebo in 2020 during the very strange Covid-19 lockdown period. I was looking for dancers to try out the new range of 'nude' SAB skirts for a variety of skin tones and Malebo got in touch. I'm so pleased she did. Malebo did a great job at doing her own photos at home and helped to promote the skirts, and we did a 'virtual' shoot with the lovely Rimbaud Patron. I'm really happy that Malebo agreed to be a brand ambassador.

My name is Malebo Daisy Rose Brown and I am 13 years old.


I am mixed race, my mum is Scottish and my Dad is South African. I am currently training at the Dance School of Scotland where I train 20 hours a week. I was very interested I becoming an ambassador for Freda Silk because I love the skirts and what they represent. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to be a part of their amazing campaign. 

I am from Scotland and was born and raised in Dundee. In August last year I boarded in Glasgow to train at the Dance School of Scotland but I come back home at the weekends.


What different styles of dance do you learn? Do you have a favourite style?

I dance all different styles of dance like ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and national at school. I love to dance lyrical/contemporary because I think it gives you that opportunity to be free.

Do you learn Choreography at school?  Do you enjoy choreography or prefer to perform other peoples steps?


I enjoy choreographing because I think it gives you the opportunity to be in control of what you want to create and I think that’s good for leadership skills. 

What is your dream dance role? 

I want to be a professional dancer when I grow up so my performance would have to be a broadway show to showcase everything I can do. 


Who are your ballet idols?

I am still very new to the ballet industry so I don’t have a particular baller idol but I am inspired by all the people who are making a career in ballet and becoming beautiful ballerinas. 

Do you have any achievements of which you are particularly proud?

I am very proud of myself for getting in to the Dance School of Scotland. I am also proud of all the achievements I made with competing. 


Full time ballet training must be hard as a teen, what keeps you motivated and have time for your studies? 

When I am at school what keeps me motivated is knowing that if I work as hard as I can, I can make a living out of the thing I am most talented at and what I love the most. 


What type of dancer are you?

I would describe myself as a lyrical or jazz dancer. I have a lot of confidence when I do jazz numbers but also have the ability to soften up and have emotion when I dance lyrical/contemporary numbers. 


As a designer and maker of dance wear, I’m really interested in dance photography.  You model beautifully for dance photo shoots.  Do you have a favourite photographer?


I love to work with lots of different photographers such like Rimbaud because he does beautiful photos and he is very kind. Jon Applegate, I have worked with him previously, he does wonderful photos with lots of different scenery and gives great photos. 


Do you find that putting on a costume or a beautiful flowing rehearsal skirt changes the way you feel? Is there a difference in the way you perform when in costume as opposed to studio wear?

I think when you have a skirt that compliments the movement and the dance that you are doing, it makes such a difference to people’s confidence. 


I think when you are on stage compared to in the studio is very different, I think when you get on stage in a costume with makeup and hair it gives you the opportunity to embrace the character (if there is one) and the dance you are doing. Whereas when you are in the studio you are focusing on learning and perfecting the steps, you don’t embrace the character as much. 

I’m not a dancer, but I love the elegance and grace of the clothes worn by ballet dancers. Do you take it for granted now, or do you get excited about a new ballet skirt, pointe shoes etc?                                                ​


I do get excited about new dancewear because I can’t wait to try the new skirt or pointe shoes to see if I like the brand and if I like the way it looks on me. 

Do you have some essential / favourite things that you keep in your dance bag?

I also keep a water bottle in my bag because it is very important to keep hydrated especially if you are working for the whole day. I also keep my headphones in my bag because I love to listen to music between classes. 


If you could use your social media following to raise awareness for something besides

ballet, what would it be?

On social media I would raise awareness about the stereotype about a ballerina and make sure people understand that all ballerinas come in different colours of skin and we should all be supportive of that. 


How do you like to relax?             

I love to ride my bike a lot to relax my mind, it gives me time to reflect about myself which I think is really important. 

Follow Malebo on Instagram @malebo_daisy_rose.x

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