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Phoebe Scarlett Veale

My name Phoebe Veale.


I train at Blommaert Ballet School, Petersfield Academy Of Dance, Kahli Lewis Dance Company and with Rosina Andrews

I first was introduced to the Freda Silk brand when shooting with Jon Raffoul Dance Photographer, as I am part of his JRP Artiste Ambassador Program, and I was blown away by the beauty and versatility of the products. When Jon and Sophie (Freda Silk) collaborated on their TAKE FLIGHT range of skirts, I was lucky enough to model quite a few of them for the website, and loved being a representative for the range, so becoming a FREDA SILK GIRL was a total dream and honour!

Photograph by Jon Raffoul

Where were you born and raised?


I was born in Chichester and raised on the South Coast of England.


Do you recall when or how you caught the dance bug? 

I did English Youth Ballet when I was 8 years old and ignited my passion for dance in general and I caught the performance bug, and lockdown really helped to push that love even further.

How many classes a week to you take ?

It tends to vary - I have roughly 10 hours or consistent weekly training at my dance/ballet schools and then as many open classes in technique and choreography in any style as I can fit in.


What different styles of dance do you learn? Do you have a favourite style?

I dance in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz/Jazz Tech, Commercial/HipHop and Musical Theatre. 

My favourite style changes on a daily and I just strive to be as versatile as possible!


Do you learn/enjoy choreographing, or prefer to perform other people’s steps?

 I love taking open classes and learning choreography from such masters of their craft but since taking GCSE Dance I’ve also experienced creating choreography myself and it’s something I really enjoy doing and would love to continue learning to do.

If you could adapt any book or film into a ballet, what would it be?

I think the Hunger Games would be pretty interesting as a ballet. The book/film is so clever and I think the drama mixed with the gorgeous ballet would look insane.


What is your dream dance role?

Any West End/Broadway role would be a dream come true.


Who are your dance idols?

Serena McCall is just out of this world insane and also such a gorgeous person and also Maddie Ziegler because she’s just amazing and so inspiring.


What was the last dance performance you went to see?


Romeo &Juliet on the West End was brilliant and I honestly cannot wait to go and see it again.


What sort of a dancer are you?

I’m have quite good musicality so I love it when you hit a beat in the music that is subtle and people don’t always pick out and I’ve been told I’m a performer when on stage.

You model beautifully for dance photo shoots and I love your ideas for poses. Do you have a favourite photographer – either someone you’ve worked with or would like to work with in the future?

Jon Raffoul is just amazing. I love working with him and creating some epic shots!

Do you have any other talents that might surprise people?

I broke my schools long jump record when I was in Year 7.

Do you have some essential / favourite things that you keep in your dance bag?

Lush Snow Fairy Body Spray - can’t leave the house without it.

How do you like to relax?

I’m a huge Dance Moms fan and love a good Netflix series but I’m also really into Athletics and love doing this during the Summer.


Follow Phoebe on Instagam @phoebescarlettveale

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