The Lorca skirt is a dramatic full length skirt which draws influence from Spanish literature - particularly The House of Bernarda Alba, a play written by Federico García Lorca. You may have seen the ballet - Las Hermanas - also based on the play.


The classic version (pictured) is black chiffon, falling to around 75/80cm, with a gathered frill of around 20/25cm, depending upon how long you'd like it.  It's a full circle fullness, with the frill being a double circle.


The waistband is a 5cm wide frilled elastic.


The House of Bernarda Alba is a story of tragedy, death and mourning, authority and oppression - particularly of women, set in  one village house in rural Spain. I've seen a number of versions of the play and the ballet and I just love the pent up emotion and tension, all set off by gorgeous costumes of dramatic black chiffon and lace.


If you'd like a more uplifting colour, go to the Colours & Fabric page to choose.


Olivia, photographed by Anthony Dawson

Lorca Skirt