A gloriously glamorous skirt.


The main skirt is a two and a half circle's fullness with an overlay piece at the back which can be laid as a train, or lifted like wings.


The overlay can be a contast colour to the main skirt. Pictured in Lime Green iridescent chiffon. For this particular skirt, I shaped the hem to sit at the ankle at the front, tapering an extra metre at the back. 


The waistband will be a matching, complimentary or contasting colour quality elastic. I can do a tailored waistband if required (additional cost) but I do think the simplicity and ease of wear you get with the elastic works really well.


Due to the volume of fabric, I'd recommend the 'Iridescent' chiffon fabric as it's so light.  Have a look at the fabric choices here


I will tweak the fabrics, colours and design to suit your requirements and will be in touch to discuss options.



Izzy in Lime Green

Photographed by Jon Raffoul


The Grande Aretha