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Sophie Passant

Young Dancers Academy

London, UK

Photo by Jon Raffoul

Sophie has that kind of classic beauty that radiates from her photos.

Having made Sophie some rehearsal skirts, I've gone on to make her some of the fullest, brightest skirts, in which she looks truly stunning.

Photo by Jon Raffoul

Hi, my name is Sophie. I am currently 13 years old and I am a full time student at Young Dancers Academy! I got my first Freda Silk skirts as a present for my birthday this year when I was having a photo shoot with Tiia Laukkanen. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful colours and the way that the skirts move. I knew then that I would like to be a Freda Silk Ambassador and am so happy to have been chosen.


I was born and raised in London and am so lucky to be able to attend a full time vocational school while living at home. 


When I was little, my mum (as many mums do) put me into Baby Ballet and, being the shy three year old that I was, I would sit on my mum’s knee and watch most of the lesson. That’s until the fairy wands and wings came out when I rushed to join in! Over the next few years, I added more ballet classes as well as Tap, Jazz and Contemporary at my local dance school.


I really started to take dancing more seriously when I was 9. I auditioned for the YDA Associate Programme and was accepted. A year later, I joined the school full time as a Year 6 in the Year 7 class. At school we focus primarily on Ballet but we also study Musical Theatre and Jazz. I also play piano and sing. I enjoy learning choreography and choreographing my own pieces and feel lucky that I get to do both at YDA. I am very proud to have won the annual YDA Choreographic Competition last year.


My dream dance role would probably be something like Gamzatti or Kitri as they both have lots of energy and life (and grande allegro!)  My dance idols are Yasmine Naghdi and Darcey Bussell as they were both trained by my teacher, Anna du Boisson. Darcey is also a patron of my school and I have had the privilege of meeting both.


As a dancer, I am very precise, as I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I also love messing around in the garden trying new steps and feeling free.


I have enjoyed working with a range of photographers over the last year. It’s hard to pick a favourite as all offer something different. I have especially enjoyed working with Tiia Laukkanen, Daria Chenikova, Holly Francesca and Jon Raffoul.


I have a bit of an obsession about dancewear. My mum says that I am a magpie because I can’t resist pretty things (nor can she!!). I have to have a skirt to match every leotard, otherwise the outfit would not be complete. I often shriek with excitement when the postman arrives with a parcel containing dancewear. 


My pointe shoes go with me everywhere, even on holiday! My dance bag also contains my warm ups (love them), a ballet skirt, a hair accessory, my collections of therabands, a foot roller, my flat shoes and a water bottle.

Follow Sophie on Instagram @sophie.ballerina

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