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 Hello, my name is Alice, I am 12 years old, and I live in Bath.


I love dance in all its forms. I’m always dancing, whether in a studio, or in my kitchen at home.


I dance at Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance and am a Ballet Boost and Ballet Cymru Senior Associate.

Photograph by Maisie Hamilton

Alice Hancock


Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance, Bath

Ballet Boost

Ballet Cymru Senior Associate


Why you were interested in being a Freda Silk ambassador?

I have always loved Freda Silk skirts; I love how when you dance in them, they flow so delicately. I also love how the sab skirts are eco friendly as I am passionate about the environment.


Where were you born and raised?



Do you recall when or how you caught the dance bug?


When I was 3, I joined a weekly dance class at Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance and fell in love with it immediately. But my mum tells me that from the moment I was born, whenever music came on, I would always start dancing and was always bewitched by ballet. 



How many classes a week do you take?



What different styles of dance do you learn? Do you have a favourite style?

I love all the dance styles I study - contemporary, modern, jazz, ballet, hip hop and tap. Personally, my favourite style of dance is Ballet.


Do you learn/enjoy choreographing, or prefer to perform other people’s steps?


I like both. I like to learn new steps and pick up sequences so that I have everything that I need to make my own choreography varied. I particularly enjoy learning choreography from different teachers all with different styles so that I can magpie ideas.


Allegro or adage – which is your favourite?


ALLEGRO!!!! I love to leap.


How old were you when you got your first pointe shoes?




If you could adapt any book or film into a ballet, what would it be?


War horse – by Michael Morpurgo, I think it could be incredible.


What is your dream dance role?


One of the Cygnets in Swan Lake.


Who are your dance idols?


I love all professional ballerinas, but my favourites are probably Fumi Kaneko and Sarah Lamb of the Royal Ballet. I have been lucky enough to be able to meet Fumi a couple of times and have seen her dance close up in rehearsals. I love how delicate her arms are and how effortless she makes even the most difficult choreography look. I also like Sarah Lamb because she is such a beautifully emotional dancer.


Do you have any achievements of which you are particularly proud?


Probably coming back and doing my RAD and ISTD exams after I had broken my foot. I was especially pleased with the result of my bronze jazz: 95%. I also was pleased about getting into The Royal Ballet JA’s and being cast in the solo role of Alice in Wonderland at my dance school’s show at the Theatre Royal, Bath in 2023.


What was the last dance performance you went to see?


The Royal Ballet’s newly updated Cinderella by Christopher Wheeldon at the Royal Opera House. The costumes and set were incredible, but it was Marianela Nunez’s performance as Cinderella that blew me away.


What was the last performance you took part in?


Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance’s show – Snapshot – at the Theatre Royal, Bath. I was one of 400 children dancing and it felt incredible to be part of such a team effort.


What sort of a dancer are you?

Expressive and powerful.

Do you find that putting on a costume or a beautiful flowing rehearsal skirt changes the way you feel? Is there a difference in the way you perform when in costume as opposed to studio wear?


I think that it makes a huge difference. It makes you feel very professional and helps you get into the role you have to play. I also love how flowing skirts and costumes can be – they become an extension of my dance energy.


Do you have any other talents that might surprise people?


I am an animal whisperer. I especially love to teach my budgies and friends’ dogs tricks.


Do you have some essential / favourite things that you keep in your dance bag?


Thema band and a foot roller. I also like to keep some warm-up layers if I get cold in a break.


How do you like to relax?

I like to read and play with my friends and family. Also, of course, spend time with my budgies.

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