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Diana Alonso


Czech National Ballet

I was really happy when Diana approached FS about a collaboration.

Although currently dancing in Europe, Diana is from Cuba and I absolutely loved seeing photos from her shoots in Havana. 

I want to be ambassador of Freda Silk because I love the idea of representing a brand that I like. I can model products that I love and at the same time I help to promoting them


My name is Diana Alonso (I’m not familiar with Alicia Alonso, the prima ballerina assoluta) but everybody always ask when they hear my last name  

I was born in Cuba and there I was trained as a dancer of which I am very proud since we have a strong and good classical technical training That's why it was quite easy for me to come to Europe and find a job, since in the first audition I got the contract of which I am very happy and I owe much to Cuba.


I recently joined Czech National Ballet and I cannot be more happy. People here are amazing and I feel like home, they make me feel since the first day like another member of the company and not the new girl.

I feel that I have a great responsibility here since I am the first and only Cuban in this company so it is my duty to represent my country and the Cuban technique in Europe.


I can’t speak Czech, is very difficult and I have been here only for three months but I’m planning to learning it, even though it’s not really necessary because here everyone speak English and I also speak Italian which is a very good cause there are many Italians in the company. 


My favorite ballet until the day I left Cuba it was Giselle, right now it's Onegin and Tatiana is also the role I would like to perform the most right now.


My favorite dancer is Marianela Nuñez, she is my idol and she’s also in my favorite ballet company (The Royal Ballet)

But that’s my favorite company for watching and admiring, not for being there. 


As a good Cuban I love dancing salsa, Pop, Latino music and Reggaeton.In my free time I love going to the disco and dancing all night, except when I’m very tired after a show, then would really love been in Cuba relaxing in a good beach. Very hard now that I’m in Prague with this cold.


In Cuba for taking the class I was used to not wearing much clothes, only the essential (leotard with shorts at the barre, and with a skirt in the center).

Here with the change of the weather which I’m still getting used to having to start with legs warmer and coat, which I keep until the third exercise maximum, because I like to see my legs for correcting my technique during the barre. In the center I always take off everything and do the class with a short skirt and sometimes also only leotard and tights. And for rehearsals Instead I wear long skirts in every ballet which doesn’t need tutu.



I don't conceive my life without dancing but I also like to teach so if I were not a dancer I would like to be a ballet teacher.


I love playing piano!

Follow Diana on Instagram @diana_ballet

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