The Celeste is an absolute beauty. It's the chiffon jacquard fabric which gives the skirt such a lift. It's light as a feather with a soft circular pattern - with a very slight sheen and comes in white, ivory, black or navy blue.


Jacquard is a textured fabric that has a pattern woven into it, rather than printed, dyed, or embroidered on top. This weaving method has its origins in sixth-century Italian brocade.


Matching 25mm elastic waistband.


Length 60cm approx maximum due to width of fabric. 

If you need a longer skirt or a bigger size, I can make the skirt in two parts. Just get in touch for details and pricing.


Of if you'd like this fabric in a full length skirt, check out the Etta and Aretha skirts which can be made the Celeste fabric.


Jess, pictured in white Celeste skirt. Photographed by Jon Raffoul.

Celeste Rehearsal Skirt