Just like the adult Circle Rehearsal Skirts, but mini sizes. Lovely for a special ballet class or show, or for dressing up or parties!


Standard is an elastic waistband, knee length approx - maximum length is 60cm - but you could also opt for a tapered version, pictured here in yellow with a gold waistband (additional £5)


You can choose any fabric you like so do look around the website for ideas.


Sizes - children come in many shapes and sizes, so the age given here is very approximate. I'd advise measuring your child's waist and choose your length.


Teeny 18" waist (approx age 4-6)

Small 20" waist (approx age 6-8)

Medium 22" waist (approx age 8-10)

Large 24" waist (age 10+)


Pictured: Sugar Pink, Yellow, Blush, Fuchsia

Child Size Circle Skirt