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Peaseblossom is a really popular choice in this style, made from a lovely soft peachy pink delicate chiffon which goes with everything.


Waistband options

A slim satin elastic waistband in matching colour, or contrasting if you prefer. Works well for smaller sizes.


For more support, a very soft elastic waistband, either 25mm or 38mm in black or white


You can choose a particular colour of the narrow waistband or let me know your choice and I'll find a match.

Length approx 60cm due to width of fabric.


The character of chiffon, the circular cut and the nature of being handmade lends a certain whimsical feel to these skirts. No two will be the same.


If you'd like to try one of these using a fabric you've seen elsewhere on the site, just let me know and I'll see what I can do :-)

Circle Rehearsal Skirt Peaseblossom

Waist elastic

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