Cationic chiffon is so beautiful and perfect for dance skirts. It is a sheer two tone chiffon which actually transforms into a myriad of different shades as it moves through different lights. Feels and looks like silk.

Bluebird is a lovely light blue with many blue tones.


Waist options:

pull up (no opening) with soft elastic, either 25mm or 38mm (black or white) 

slip on with small opening and hook and eye, with a narrower satin elastic 15mm approx in black, charcoal, light blue, silver or colour of your choice.


Size small (24" waist approx) medium (27" waist) large (30" waist) 

Length 60cm maximum due to width of fabric. 

If you need a longer skirt or a bigger size, I can make the skirt in two parts. Just get in touch.


Also in the two tone cationic range: 

Mustardseed (golden yellow with black shimmer)

Moth (green with darker brown tones)

Beetroot (dark pink with black tones)

Irridescent (lilac with blue tones)

Apricot (apricot with pink tones)

Rose Quartz (dusky rose with darker tones)

Bluebird (light blue tones)

Jade (green, blue tones)


Circle Rehearsal Skirt Two Tone Bluebird

Waist elastic