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The ethereal Cloud skirt handmade from 100% recycled ivory tulle (complies with Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0).  The planet friendly fabric is available in ivory only.


The main part of the skirt has a subtle gather, but it's the flamboyant frill which adds the drama.


The waistband is a high quality 38mm elastic in matching colour. If you'd rather have an enclosed waistband (elastic encased within the fabric) let me know.


Add your waist and hip size, and the length you'd like your skirt, measured from the waist down to where you'd like it to fall.


Pictured in 

Variation One is full enough for an elegant, impactful skirt. 


Variation Two has more volume all over for an absolute showshopper!! Picture coming soon. (£120)


Photography by Paul Hassell.

eco Ivory Cloud Tulle Skirt


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