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Etta is a midi length circle skirt, falling between the regular rehearsal skirt and the full length Aretha. Depending upon your height, it can sit below the knee or even full length.


Like the Aretha, I can make these as circle, one and a half or double circle. I can also add an opaque layer so you can wear outside the studio.


Waistbands are soft elastic, in a matching colour if possible depending upon the fabric, otherwise black or white. Since these are custom orders, I will be in touch to go through waistband colours and options with you.


I can make these to order in any of the fabrics on the site, and can make to fit your waist size and length requirement.


Choose circle, one and a half circle, or double from the dropdown menu (there is a variation in price), and please message me with your fabric choice, waist size and length, 


Rachael Gillespie | Photograhed by George Liang in Silver Grey Etta Skirt

Serena McCall | Photographed by Hannah Todd in Kingfisher Etta Skirt

Caoimhe Elliott | Photogaphed by Rimbaud Patron in Pale Pink Etta Skirt

Etta midi length skirt


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