A very delicate watercolour rehearsal skirt made from chiffon sourced from India. 


There are four colourways of this beautiful fabric, and all in limited supply. The main picture is the Hokusai - a muted colour scape of aqua and peach. 


Kanso is a brighter pink, purple and peach combination.

Koko features bolder aqua, peach, green and a splash of red/orange.

Ukiyo is sky blue, turquise and pink.


Although the chiffon comes from India, it has the feel of Japan to me, hence the names.


Hokusai was a Japanese painter and printmaker, probably best known for woodblock print series 'Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji' which includes the iconic print, 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'.

Kanso means Simplicity.

Koko means Here

Ukiyo means to live in the present; to empty your thoughts of worries.



No harmful chemicals are used in pre & post printing process of the fabric, and eco friendly water based inks are used.


Pull on with complimentary colour elastic waistband.


Please choose your waist size or if you're not sure, you can message me with your dress size and we'll work it out.

There's an option for child size too if less than 22" waist. Please send message with required waist size.


Photograph of Jessica Templeton by Dean Barucija @pickledthoughts

Watercolour Rehearsal Skirt | Hokusai, Kanso, Koko & Ukiyo

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