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A charming skirt handmade from feather light iridescent chiffon, the full circle underskirt has an open over layer.


Deep red and apricot.

The wide red waistband stretches from 24" - 28", so a flexible fit.

86cm length.


The rental price includes a £25 deposit which will be refunded upon receipt of skirt in good condition.


Inspired by Authurian legend, Wagnerian opera....

Isolde was an Irish princess betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. After accidentally drinking a love potion, she became the lover of his knight Tristan, which led to their tragic deaths.




The rental period starts from when the Customer receives the ordered Product(s) and shall continue until the Product(s) are returned and received by Freda Silk. The Customer accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the Product(s).


Rental is for a period of 14 days, excluding the delivery days on either side.


Product(s) will be posted by Royal Mail Special Delivery and should be returned to Freda Silk by Special Delivery or an alternative signed-for service.


Any damages to the skirt, please let me know and I can assess what repairs are needed. Likewise, if the skirt gets dirty, I can advise.


Full terms and conditions here

Isolde Skirt - Fire - small/medium


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