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An elegant black and white movie inspired skirt, designed for my ambassador Ella.


This skirt was designed especially for a photo shoot in Rome. I wanted to create something iconic, and if you know Freda Silk, you'll know I often get my inspiration from vintage fashion and from classic films - so  naturally I took inspriation from the dress worn by Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini's 1960 classic, 'La Dolce Vita', shot in the Eternal City.


In the black and white film, Ekberg's charachter, Sylvia, appears in scenes at the Caracalla  Baths and the Trevi Fountain, where this fabulous dress  - designed by Piero Gherardi - takes on a charachter of its own.


The Freda Silk version is a double circle fullness skirt made from four panels. There's a longer white panel insert which drapes or fans - as you can see in these beautiful photos from Jon Raffoul - and the three black panels are choppy rather than curved, with a leg split - naturally!


I can also do in other colours, but doesn't it look classy in black and white? 


Handmade from chiffon fabric. Can be delicately handwashed and should last a long time!

La Dolce Vita


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