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In contast to the soft tones of the "Upstate" mesh collection, Manhattan is bright, bold and anapologetically confident. 


The geometic pattern is a nod to the grid structure in the majority of Manhattan's streets, the millions of windows, the angles of the buildings, the billboards of Times Square. The noise, the colours, the intensity, the audacity of the city and its people are expressed in the bright colours. 


The Swish shape works so well for a danceskirt, and is particularly suited to stretch mesh fabric. Whilst you get a sleek, minimal feel, you also get a lovely swish and flow when you move.


The waistband is a simple foldover elastic for a neat, minimalist feel. 


Cut in a full circle/ellipse, shorter on the sides and a little longer at the back - a cut that really lengthens the leg. And the effect in a pirouette is delightful.


Here are the approximate lengths according to waist sizes (excuse mixed cms and inches!!) Or let me know your preferred length. 


Waist 20-23" = Front 21.5cm | Back 24.5cm | Side 17cm

Waist 24-27" = Front 26.5cm | Back 30cm | Side 20cm

Wasit 28-30" - Front 32cm | Back 37cm | Side 26cm

Waist 31-34" = Front 36cm | Back 42cm | Side 30cm

Waist 34-36" = Front 38cm | Back 44cm | Side 34cm


piture references Manhattan's grid in full colour; Piet Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie.

Mesh Swish Manhattan


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