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The iconic surf break Teahupo'o is renowned as one of the most powerful waves in the world. It's fast and dangerous; there are sharks. But this Polynesian force of nature is also absolutely beautiful and a true wonder of the Earth which we should hold in awe.


We named this skirt Teahupo'o (tear-hoo-poh-oh) to try and describle the amazing Pacific colours of the fabric, which blend together like the ocean. 


The cut is waterfall - shorter at the front where it crosses over and falling to mid calf at the back. It's quite a full shape to really make the most of this georgous fabric. The satin chiffon has a slight sheen, it's very light and flowing, and it's opaque so you can wear it as streetwear too.


The waistband is a pull up soft complimentary colour elastic.


Jess Photoraphed by Kate Frost


Teahupo'o skirt


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