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Etta is a midi length circle skirt, falling between the regular rehearsal skirt and the full length Aretha. They are usually approx 70-75 cm long.


I can make these as circle, one and a half or double circle and the one of the layers could be opaque if you want to wear outside the studio.


Pictured a red satin layer with black chiffon overlay - both layers one and a half circle fullness and completely opaque.


Two chiffon layers: grey with a bluebird overlay - both layers double circle so the skirt is opaque, but retains a wonderful lightness.


Waistbands are soft elastic, in a matching colour if possible depending upon the fabric, otherwise black or white. Since these are custom orders, I will be in touch to go through waistband colours and options with you.


I can make these to order in any of the fabrics on the site, and can make to fit your waist size and length requirement.


Choose circle, one and a half circle, or double from the dropdown menu (there is a variation in price), and please message me with your fabric choice, waist size and length, 



Two layer Etta midi length skirt


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