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If you want swish, this is the right skirt for you, and this design has a wide elastic waistband which can be the same colour, a contrast, a sporty stripe, or even glittery.

The lightweight lycra fabric, chosen both for the quality and the colour range, is cut in a full circle/ellipse, shorter on the sides and a little longer at the back - a cut that really lengthens the leg. 


Pictured are some examples - choose your waistband and give your fabric colour choice in the comments.


For a less full shape, have a look at the slimline alternative


Here are the approximate lengths according to waist sizes (excuse mixed cms and inches!!) Or let me know your preferred length. 


Waist 20-23" = Front 21.5cm | Back 24.5cm | Side 17cm

Waist 24-27" = Front 26.5cm | Back 30cm | Side 20cm

Wasit 28-30" - Front 32cm | Back 37cm | Side 26cm

Waist 31-34" = Front 34cm | Back 40cm | Side 28cm


Swish SAB elastic waistband

Waist elastic