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Tops, T-shirts, Sweats

The first design in the Freda Silk tops collection is a screen printed reproduction of a beautiful sketch by Dame Laura Knight. The dancing figure is ballerina Lydia Lopokova of Les Ballet Russes, from a series called 21 Drawings of the Russian Ballet.


All the the garments have been chosen to give a flattering fit and are available in x-small to x-large where possible. Although they've been designed with the dancer in mind, I hope they will appeal to anyone looking for a bit of ballet style.

Most of the styles are organic cotton, and all conform to ethical, eco friendly standards, made in factories which adhere to Fair Labor Association guidelines & workplace code of conduct.
Screen printed by Bobcat Screen Printing Studio in Frome, Somerset, using super high quality water based inks.
I hope you love them! 

I love Laura Knight's paintings. Immersing herself in London's theatre and ballet scene of the 1920s, she sketched and painted the colourful charachters she befriended, depicting the magic of the stage, and the charm and allure of the ballerina's dressing room. 

Sketching dancers in action, Knight had to work swiftly to capture the split second poses, reducing lines to a minimum yet expressing vital energy. I've chosen this charcoal drawing of Lopokova as it's so full of joy; a beautiful celebration of movement and dance captured in a single drawn image.

I'm so happy to have been granted the license use this image, and to have the blessing and encouragement of Dame Laura Knight's estate.

Find out more about Dame Laura Knight

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